Applebar Apple Applebar

Why choose Applebar?

Everybody knows that getting enough goodness in your diet is key to helping you look and feel your best. By choosing an Applebar drink or snack packed with natural ingredients, you will be supplying your body with freshly squeezed and blended nutrients which may help you feel, look and perform at your best.


Choose Applebar when you need an energy boost that will actually keep you going without that ‘sugar-crash’ an hour later.

Choose Applebar as a nutritional alternative to your usual sugar-laced, high-calorie, muffin-top inducing snacks and drinks.


Choose Applebar on your way to or from the gym to optimise your performance and recovery.

Choose Applebar to boost your immunity to avoid coughs and colds.

Choose Applebar to hang out in our laid-back and fun bar!


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